Moving Ministry from the Fringes of Community to an Embedded Identity!


Identify, define, and forge a sustainable path toward God’s dreams for your city! 


What story does your building tell about the kind of church God has called you to be?

Ministries are most effective when they are fully immersed in their community and buildings can play a key role in moving a church toward an embedded identity. Learn how strategic planning and innovative design can help bring the church back to the center of the community through spaces that are more flexible, accessible, relevant and inclusive. 


Don’t let your resources determine your vision…Let your vision determine your resources!

Discover a pathway to creating and maximizing resources in a way that not only provides more funding for ministry and mission, but also creates hundreds or even thousands of unique visits to the church’s property, which can be leveraged to build the kingdom in a natural & relational manner. Learn how your ministry can invest more of its resources into its actual mission while creating a true catalyst for ministry growth and Kingdom impact!


Clarity and purpose are not only necessary, they’re possible!

Confusion is everywhere. Things are shifting faster than we can respond. Maybe things are going well, or maybe we are struggling. But at our core we feel restless, unsatisfied. What if you could see your way forward? Where would it take you? Learn how the unique Paterson Process utilizes the Socratic method to guide leadership teams to clarity, breakthrough, growth, alignment and impact!


"This seminar was just awesome! We can't wait to share with others on our church staff. Bless each of you for sharing. Your knowledge is worth so much!" - Mountain View Church of Christ, Dallas, TX

"This conference was amazing! Great speakers. Very informative sessions." 5 Point Church, Easley, SC

Seminar Speakers

Hear from industry experts and experienced pastors of embedded ministries

that are reaching their communities in new and exciting ways!

Matt Roberts

Senior Pastor, The Genesis Project National Network

Matt is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Genesis Project, a church based in Ogden, Utah that has grown to a multi-site movement in 6 communities across the nation reaching thousands every week. For 18 years Matt has served in various roles helping churches and denominations revitalize and reimagine their church planting strategies through an embedded, sustainable, community lens. Matt and his family moved to Utah in 2005 to pursue a lifelong dream of planting a “church for people who don’t do church.” That dream has materialized as The Genesis Project, a church moved to reach the darkest areas of the city with the hope of Jesus. The church operates a full-service event center, community coffee shop, multiple ministry and rehabilitation homes and non-profit community services. Matt and his team are also certified by the Paterson Center as LifePlan and StratOp facilitators providing coaching and strategic planning. 

Don Mahoney

President & Principal Architect, Building God's Way

Don has one of the most extensive backgrounds in church, school and performing arts architecture, designing prominent facilities all across the U.S. throughout his 35 year career. Don has become a leader in the field of faith-based architecture and has been recognized with a number of national design awards, including multiple WFX Solomon Awards for Best Church Architect, Best Church Design, Best Special Project and Best Digital Church. He is also a recipient of the LCEF Arts & Architecture Award for Best Liturgical Design and former President of the American Institute of Architects for the State of Utah. Don has developed unique design strategies focused on creating spaces that are more flexible, relevant and inclusive, including creative mixed-use designs that allow ministries to leverage their facilities seven days a week.

Eric Bahme

CEO, Mission Based Sustainable (MBS) Solutions

Eric is the author of the book, “The Mission-Based Entrepreneur Revolution: Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission-based Movements.” The success stories shared in this book about integrating for-profit business models in churches have been featured in a number of national publications and television broadcasts. A senior Pastor for over 20 years, Eric is an innovator and a pioneer in the financially sustainable, “embedded church” model and he travels the country helping church leaders to discover and develop the untapped potential of these opportunities.

Derek Bartlett

Director of Development, Mission Based Sustainable (MBS) Solutions

Derek brings a unique blend of ministry experience and entrepreneurial passion to the MBS Solutions team. Formerly serving as the Director of Operations & Student Ministry for Venture Church in Harrisburg, NC, Derek has a proven background for creating embedded ministry. With a Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry and an MBA from Liberty University, Derek now works with ministries all over the country, helping them to become better stewards of their facilities and resources and expand their influence in the community by incorporating financially sustainable solutions in their facility planning.

Local Guest Speakers

Host Pastors & local BGW Construction Partners

Click on an event location near you for more information on local pastors and Building God's Way construction partners that will be available at the seminar to answer questions about your specific ministry needs.


"The seminar had such a great mix of ministry and facility conversations in a relaxed environment" - St. Andrew Christian Church, Dublin, OH

"One of the best conferences I've ever attended! The focus on ministry & stewardship was refreshing." - Transformation Christian Fellowship, Spring Branch, TX

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