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Moving from the fringes of community to an embedded identity!



Identify, define, and forge a sustainable path toward God’s vision for your city! 

Join us as we explore what it means to be an embedded church and learn strategies that can help you lead your congregation toward becoming more externally-focused and engaged with your community.

Hear from experienced church leaders that are actively engaged in embedded, financially sustainable ministry models and learn how they are impacting the brokenness of people, their families, and the relational systems they are entangled in.


What story does your building tell about the kind of church God has called you to be?

Ministries are most effective when they are fully immersed in their community and buildings can play a key role in moving a church toward an embedded identity.

Learn how strategic planning and innovative design can help bring the church back to the center of the community through spaces that are more flexible, accessible, relevant and inclusive.  Discover how your facility can be designed or remodeled to meet the specific needs of your community not just on Sundays, but 7 days a week! 


Don’t let your resources determine your vision…Let your vision determine your resources!

Today, the average church is investing less than 20% of their budget towards fulfilling their mission. The vast majority of ministry resources are consumed by staffing, facilities and overhead costs. But what if churches began to view their facilities as profit opportunities instead of financial liabilities?

Discover a pathway to creating and maximizing resources in a way that not only provides more funding for ministry and mission, but also creates hundreds or even thousands of unique visits to the church property, which can be leveraged to build the kingdom in a natural & relational manner. Learn how your ministry can invest more of its resources into its actual mission while creating a true catalyst for ministry growth and Kingdom impact!


Clarity and purpose are not only necessary, they’re possible!

Confusion is everywhere. Things are shifting faster than we can respond. Maybe things are going well, or maybe we are struggling. But at our core we feel restless, unsatisfied. What if you could see your way forward? Where would it take you?

When we first understand where we are and how we got here, our plans for the future are built on sharper insight and provide more effective solutions. Learn how ministries like Saddleback Church have utilized the unique StratOp Process to guide their leadership teams to clarity, breakthrough, growth, alignment and impact!

Registration includes lunch and breakout discussions with experienced pastors and facility experts!


"One of the best conferences I've ever attended! The focus on ministry & stewardship was refreshing." - Transformation Christian Fellowship, Spring Branch, TX"

The seminar had such a great mix of ministry and facility conversations in a relaxed environment" - St. Andrew Christian Church, Dublin, OH

This conference was amazing! Great speakers. Very informative sessions." 5 Point Church, Easley, SC


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